Questions to Consider: Chapter 2

1. Agriculture and manufacturing jobs are currently being outsourced. These jobs embrace traditional structures and organizations. Currently, even though these jobs are being eliminated, our education systems continue to embrace the same standardized learning techniques.

2. The most significant difference between literacy and fluency is that literacy alone does not contain the skills students need to succeed in life beyond school and fluency allows for individuals to internalize skills. When a child is fluent, he or she is able to generalize skills and unconsciously apply their knowledge to the world around them. This should be our goal for students in schools today.

3. A “facilitator of knowledge” is a teacher that provides students with opportunities to have hands on learning experiences. This kind of teacher will go beyond the text and create real-world, problem-solving scenarios for students to learn from so they have the skills to be life long learners. A “guardian of knowledge” does not offer these opportunities to children. This kind of teacher is not aware of the shift that is taking place in 21st century education.


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